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HAIFA DENT Dental Clinic - About us

Welcome to the HAIFA DENT Dental Clinic! HAIFA DENT is located in the heart of the city of Budapest, a 5 minute walk from Blaha Lujza Square (Blaha Lujza tér).

The clinic is open 24 hours a day and all medical services are managed by professional dentists.

We built our practice on quality, professionalism, hard work, dedication, and trust, but judge it yourself by visiting us. Using high technology, quality materials, and proven methods, we strive to provide patients with comfortable, long-lasting, esthetic dentistry.


We are very proud to offer high quality dental treatments at an affordable price. In our practice we provide dental care to patients of all ages. At HAIFA DENT we treat our patients just as we would treat our family or ourselves. We use patience in our approach, and slowly introduce each phase of the procedure. As we build trust, every treament results in a very comforting, friendly, and relaxed dental experience for our patients. We perform dentistry in a professional, comfortable environment and we treat our patients with respect and provide service based on their needs and wants.

We offer a free dental check-up, consultation and diagnostic, we also give a treatment plan and individual cost estimate to our patients based on their particular requirements.


We offer a full range of general dental treatments, from a routine cleaning to more complex dental care. And also a wide spectrum of cosmetic procedures including tooth whitening and mercury-free “white” fillings. We also offer orthodontic treatments, dental implants and other dental surgeries. We are very sensitive to the need to make procedures painless and keep you comfortable. That's why we offer painless anesthesia with various methods for our patients. For our allergic patients, we offer non-metal ceramin and zirconium dental implants, removable dental prosthesis and veneer.


Take advantage of the quality treatment available at HAIFA DENT and of our 2-year limited warranty. Our clinic is equipped with dental chairs with X-ray unit and screen. That allows you to see the image on the screen and to consult immediately with your Dentist. If you feel nervous or anxious about having treatment or seeing a dentist, please do not hesitate to visit us so that we can help to make your visit as stress-free as possible. We endeavour to provide all our clients with a positive experience and will do all we can to help you relax


Our keywords are: Quality, professionalism and commitment. We welcome you to visit us and take advantage of 24 hours of operation without changing your work schedule. We appreciate your choosing HAIFA DENT for your care and hope you find your visit with us pleasant and positive. 





Budapest 1072 Akácfa u. 13.

Krisztina Kapin

+36 70 391 4528

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